Unity-Powershell documentation

Welcome to the documentation page of Unity-Powershell!

Unity-Powershell is a PowerShell module for managing EMC Unity arrays (physical or virtual). Unity-Powershell is a member of the DevHigh5 program from {code} by Dell EMC(tm).

The Unity-Powershell project is hosted on GitHub and can also be found on the Powershell Gallery.


With this module (version 0.11.0) you can manage:

  • System (DNS,NTP...),
  • Pools (Virtual and physical deployment),
  • Fast Cache (Physical deployment only),
  • LUN (block),
  • VMware LUN (block and NFS),
  • NASServer,
  • Filesystem,
  • CIFS Server and Shares,
  • NFS Server and Shares,
  • vCenter and ESXi servers,
  • iSCSI parameters,
  • Snapshots and snapshots schedules.

More functionalities will be added later.


This module try to mimic VMware PowerCLI usage. All resources management functions are available with the powershell's verbs GET, NEW, SET and REMOVE.

For example, you can manage Pools with the following commands:

  • Get-UnityPool
  • New-UnityPool
  • Set-UnityPool
  • Remove-UnityPool